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For years a fringe movement, veganism has now hurtled into the mainstream, with recent research suggesting there are as many as 3.5m of us in the UK. While the merits and ethics of veganism remain divisive (and don’t I know it!), there’s no doubting that it has become big business. Plant-based restaurants, shops, festivals and organisations are popping up all over the world, catering as much to vegan travellers as to locals.

Having travelled extensively as a vegan, I can attest to the growing number of specialist itineraries — and to the growing acceptance. Whereas the word “vegan” once drew quizzical looks, these days everyone knows what it means. You’ll still get the odd awkward moment — trying to explain your diet to locals while hoping they’re not interpreting this as you shunning their food, for example — but sticking to a vegan diet on holiday has never been easier. Here are five of my favourite spots.

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