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Where To Eat Vegan Food In New York City

In recent years, even the most ardent meat-lovers would find it hard to ignore the rise of veganism. The most recent research estimates that six percent of Americans now follow a vegan diet — a staggering increase of 600% in just three years.

While the idea that vegans just eat salad prevails among some, the notion that you can eat healthily and deliciously without animal products is catching on. The Big Apple is a great place to discover how versatile a vegan diet can be. So where should you eat vegan food in New York City? Just about anywhere! From the lingering long lines outside the excellent vegan restaurant By Chloe to the prevalence of vegan options on traditional menus, it’s clear that NYC has opened its arms to fully plant-based dining.

From exclusively plant-based menus to mock-meat meals that will astound, here are a few of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.

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vegan, vegan food NYC, New York,

vegan, vegan food NYC, New York,


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