Hi. I’m Selene Nelson. I’m a British-American freelance writer, copywriter, editor and blogger.


I studied English Literature at the University of Sussex and since then have worked as an editor, copywriter and freelance writer. I’ve written for Think Progress, Salon, Huffington Post, Food Republic, Daily Dot, Suitcase Magazine, Elite Daily and many others.

In May 2016 – after years of stubborn and consuming wanderlust – I quit my job to travel around the world. I will be documenting my experiences here, as well as writing for Food Republic and a few other publications as I go.

I have a strong interest in criminal justice, which made up the bulk of my personal writing pre-travel – but it’s nice to write about some lighter topics too these days!

Other than that, I’m a liberal veggie and I love cheese. That’s about it.

Oh. And I hate ‘About Me’ pages.


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