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Shadowed by three dramatic volcanoes, Arequipa’s setting is about as glorious as you can get. Much smaller than Lima and far less touristy than Cusco, Peru’s second-largest city has just as much cultural significance – and arguably  considerably more beauty. Arequipa’s centre gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 2000, and the city’s vistas, with the El Misti volcano looming behind, are magnificent. The iconic white baroque buildings are made from local white volcanic sillar rock and give the centre a grand and markedly European flavour.

The city played a key role in Peru’s gastronomic renaissance and today is home to some of the country’s best restaurants, where you are encouraged to try national favourites such as alpaca and guinea pig, as well as the vast array of potato dishes. Due to the low altitude (unusual for a Peruvian city) and the near-constant blue skies, Arequipa is a delight to explore. Here’s the best of this sunny, colourful and stylish city.

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