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There are few places as entrenched in spirituality, health and wellness as Bali. As such, few places are more suited to a yoga and meditation retreat. This beautiful Indonesian island has its fair share of luxury havens, but critics seem in agreement as to which one is best.

Bali Floating Leaf is “the premiere retreat center with the best personalized service,” according to VOGUE. Condé Nast Traveller considers it one of the “world’s best yoga and wellness retreats,” and Harper’s BAZAAR brands it “the number one choice for luxury oriented, eco-conscious travellers.” So what exactly makes Floating Leaf so special?

Since I began travelling last June, one thing I’ve learnt is that I have an extremely restless, fretful mind. The idea of a yoga and meditation retreat sounded like something I would seriously benefit from—but I’m not flexible and my prior attempts at meditation were exasperating. Are these types of retreats only suited for people who’ve already mastered the art of holistic wellness? I decided to find out.

So, with my mother in tow, I arrived at Bali Floating Leaf for four days of a yoga and meditation retreat called ‘Coming Home To Your Body’. Here’s my takeaway.

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Images by Bali Floating Leaf.