Food Republic | Inside China Poblano, Where East Meets West in Las Vegas

Mexican restaurants are a dime a dozen in most American cities, and Las Vegas is no exception. In and around the famous Strip are a peppering of taco joints and burrito bars, most serving up the usual fare. But as with most things, the City of Sin has taken Mexican food one step further.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has no less than 17 restaurants — a number that doesn’t seem so high once you consider its 2,995 rooms. Deciding where to eat can be a test, but as a serious aficionado of Mexican food, I had my heart set on guacamole and tacos. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas had bigger ideas. What’s the only thing better than Mexican food? Mexican and Chinese food.

China Poblano has been one of The Cosmopolitan’s busiest restaurants since its opening in 2010. This is not really fusion food; here, the two cuisines live side by side, with head chef José Andrés marrying flavors and ingredients from both countries in creative new dishes. Though it’s billed as a more casual noodle-and-taco place, it offers a lot more than you might expect, and raises the bar for both Mexican and Chinese restaurants in the city.

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